Recessed lightings are renowned for their versatility:

Because of their versatility, recessed lightings can be installed in any room of the house because they can match any style and décor of the room very well. Whether it is your wash room, bedroom or living room you can set them as per your taste and requirement of illumination.

In washrooms they can be placed as wall grazing, focusing on the wall to create shadow effect or near the mirror and sink were ample amount of lighting is required etc.

For the bedroom, the most ideal for the shadow or wall grazing effect. The lights should be placed on a vertical surface. Placing 2 recessed lighting fixtures on each wall of the room is enough for the visibility.elco-kld11g-6-5-led-retrofit-kit-warm-white-2700k-14w-cree-led-chips-cri-90-800-lm-3After a hectic routine day, one feels to relax while watching a TV or listening to a soft music. Therefore living room or lounge must be lit also with wall grazing but on certain places, accent technique could be used simply to highlight the walls hangings. You can also use secondary stepped ceiling with lights fixed in the main ceiling, fixture not visible from outside. Though the lights are not visible they fall out and spread softly on the ceiling.

LED recessed lightings are also in great demand these days. You can buy recessed lighting online at “VGK Lighting” whether it is a LED or incandescent light bulb.


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